Clearcloud DNS: Browse internet safely avoiding malicious websites

We have talked about Google Public DNS and OpenDNS service in our previous posts. Today we will talk about another DNS service ClearCloud which helps you browse internet safely avoiding malicious websites. ClearCloud is a free service that checks every website address your computer is trying to access, whether you’re browsing the internet, clicking a … Read more

Airsnare: Monitor your wireless network for unauthorized intrusions

How many of you use your Wireless network or WiFi to access internet? How often you are worried about someone using your wireless network without your permission? Even though we can protect the wireless networks using the WPA/WEP password protection, still it would be great if we can have some  way of watching who else … Read more

Hide or close all browsers , chats and folders with a touch hot keys

How often do you need to instantly hide or close your browser , chat or folder windows when someone turns up suddenly while you are doing something which is critical or sensitive or confidential ? Sometimes, it gets embarrassing too for many if someone sees what we are browsing or talking with using chat/IM. A … Read more