Backup your data completely for FREE with Genie Timeline

I have talked about some of the backup tools available to backup your critical or sensitive or any data like Backup4all and Comodo time machine. Today we will be talking about another great backup tool which can backup and restore all your data efficiently and that too for FREE. We will talk about Genie Timeline … Read more

Review: Outpost Firewall and Giveaway of 1 year Genuine Licenses

It has been a hectic two weeks for me due to daughter getting hospitalized, but all is back to normal now. So what now here at Avinashtech? Well, nothing much just few licenses of Outpost Firewall Pro to giveaway to our readers. 15 licenses to be precise. Keep in mind, they are not lifetime licenses … Read more

Split and join files of any type or size easily with HJSplit

Most of us have to deal with file size limitation of one type or the other sometime. e.g. restriction in file size of attachments in email, restrictions in file size of uploads on file hosting services, or restriction of file size on your portable device or drive. These restriction often result in problems for us … Read more

Defrag files, folders or drive with Defraggler

Most of you must have heard the word De-fragmentation term being associated with your Windows operating system and a faster performance if you defrag your drives regularly. For those of you  who have no clue what I am talking about, Here is a brief Intoduction. Whenever a file is saved on your PC, the bits … Read more