How to diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve Windows performance

In the past we have covered  many tools like sysinternal process explorer which lets you diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve Windows performance using the information obtained from the processes running on your  laptop or desktop. Today I will be talking about a excellent tool called Spotlight on Windows by Quest software which lets you do the … Read more

Customise and Speedup Windows XP with Safe XP in just one click

How many of you still love Windows XP just like me? I bet many of you are still to shift to Windows 7. There are loads of reasons which still makes us use XP instead of the latest operating system from Microsoft, Windows 7. Anyway, today we will be talking about a small tool which … Read more

How to edit files that require Admin privileges

How often you get the error  that you require administrator privileges to change certain files or even access it? The reason, there are certain system files on your system which require adminstrator privileges to modify them so that they are not being tampered by some malware, viruses, trojans etc. But there are situations when you need to edit them. For me, most often I need to edit hosts file whenever I am testing something on some of my new domains which require sometime for DNS Propagation. I use hosts file to restrict the domain to my webhost server IP till the DNS propagation.

Today we will talk about two methods in which we can edit those system files.

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