Winners: NovaPDF Pro giveaway


Here comes another Giveaway list of winners. Today I am announcing the winners for 10 licenses NovaPDF Pro giveaway. As usual, the winners are selected using List Randomiser. The licenses will be sent by NovaPdf guys . I will be sending them the winners email addresses. As its a weekend, so the licenses may [...]

Decode original long URL from short URL easily


Those of you who use social networking services like twitter, facebook etc. know very well that apart from normal use, these social networking is used extensively  by spammers for spamming using shortened URLs. These short URLs are created using URL shortening services like,,,,,,,,, and many [...]

Protect your login details, credit card numbers, passwords etc. with Keyscrambler


We keep talking of different security and privacy issues involved   while using the web . Along with these issues we do talk about  the applications or tools that help you protect from these security threats. Thanks to TeXaCo I stumbled on a simple tool called Keyscrambler, which in its free version acts as a [...]

Exclusive Giveaway – NovaPDF Pro : Create better PDF files easily

novaPDF - Features

As promised, here's another giveaway. Thanks to Softland, The company behind the development of NovaPDF, I will be giving away 10 licenses of  NovaPDF Pro each worth $49.95 to give away to you guys.This is a great application to have if you have to deal with documents often and you need to convert documents to [...]

NovaPDF Giveaway Coming tomorrow


As many of you heard me saying often  its raining Freebies, here's another one. I will be giving away 10 licenses of NovaPDF Pro licenses each worth $49.95 to Avinashtech Readers. NovaPDF is a great tool If you deal with documents and PDF files daily. NovaPDF is a PDF creator for Windows that allows you [...]

Fiddler2 :Log all HTTP traffic between your computer and Internet


It seems like I have started to dislike giveaways here? The reason, Even before I finish one giveaway I got another in queue resulting in me writing less these days. So intentionally , I am delaying the next Giveaway that would have been live Today i.e. 10 (ten) Nova PDF licenses to be given away. [...]

Winners : DAP Premium and Video Accelerator Giveaway


Another giveaway coming to end here at Avinashtech Forum. I would like to thank everyone who participated in this DAP Premium and Video Accelerator Giveaway. Also thanks to Speedbit for making possible this giveaway. Here's the list of Winners. First three will get the DAP premium license and last three will get the Video Accelerator [...]

Grab Zemana Antilogger 1 year License for FREE worth $34


Here's a big Freebie coming to you thanks to Zemana and Softpedia for that along with Mike who informed about this at Avinashtech Forum. Zemana Antilogger is one of the best tools available against malware attacks.  It  monitors and shuts down keyloggers, SSL banker trojans, spyware, and other malware. Features : Bank online and perform [...]