Google’s Photovine gets live, Invite only


After Google+, here comes another service from Google called Photovine. What this service will do, it is still unclear as no one is giving out the details.  The site is live now and it defines Photovine as Photovine is a fun way to learn about your friends, meet new people, and share your world like [...]

Import Facebook friends to Google+ using Yahoo Mail


Few days back we talked about Facebook blocking a Chrome extension Facebook Friend Exporter which lets you export your Facebook contacts name, email address into a .csv file which can be imported to Google+ very easily to add your friends on Google+. Looks like the trend is not stopping there only. Today Facebook blocked a [...]

On Google+ Max friends in your circles limited to 5000

Google+ has been a instant hit among Netizens worldwide and almost everyone is adding people in their Circles in Google+.  I know many guys who have easily grown their Circles to numbers  of the order of more than thousands by adding everyone to their circles who add them to their own. But looks like that [...]

View battery information on laptops / netbooks with BatteryInfoView


Battery in Laptop or Netbook is one of the most important components and having a proper information about your laptop or netbook battery can help extend your battery life. Most users are not aware of whats going on with their Laptop battery and how they should charge and discharge it for maximum performance. I was [...]

Track how much time you spend online on various web sites


Have you ever tried to figure out how much time you spend online? How much time we waste daily browsing sites like Facebook, twitter, youtube etc, how much time you spend working and the time you spend surfing. Today we will talk about two browser extensions or addons which work on Chrome and Firefox respectively [...]