Multi Commander: Replace Windows Explorer with multi-tabbed file manager

Even though most Windows users are satisfied with standard Windows explorer which comes with Windows Operating System, there are a section of users who need a better File Management utility than the standard Windows Explorer. Multi Commander is  one such replacement for your Windows Explorer with multi-tab feature and efficient dual-panel layout. Multi Commander used … Read more

Mozilla BrowserID: Better way to sign in to websites

Most of you must have forgot about OpenID which wanted to revolutnise the way we used to sign in to websites. But unfortunately it failed. Looks like Mozilla wants to give another try to a similar concept . Mozilla released BrowserID today which they call it as a better way to sign in to various … Read more

Microsoft Social Search Tulalip revealed accidently

Looks like everyone is working on something to get some pie of social web. After Google released Google+ which is gaining lot of popularity among the web users, next turn is of Microsoft perhaps. Microsoft accidentally revealed its new project called Tulalip which looks like something similar to Google+ or may be hybrid of services like … Read more