How to add Gmail inside Google+ plus bar using chrome a extension


Google+ is still going strong after almost 2 weeks of launch. Today, we will talk about a Google Chrome extension which will let you add your Gmail right inside Google+ notifications bar which is being loved by many Google+ users worldwide. This chrome extension "Native GMail for Google Plus - Beta" adds Gmail unread Email count [...]

Google search with infinite scrolling just like Image search coming soon


Don't know what Google is up to but looks like they dont want to take rest. Everyday you got some new feature in their product whether its Gmail, Google+ or any other Google Product. Today we will talk about the new feature coming soon to Google Search which will remove pagination from the search results [...]

Extend Android Battery life with Juice defender


One of the worst things about a Android device is low battery and the phone need to be recharged well within 24 hours even if you are using the phone moderately. Even with lowest usage of smartphone features, the phone need to charged in 2 days maximum. But whats the use of smartphone if you [...]

Paid utorrent Plus to find, get and play content anywhere, on any device coming soon


The most popular torrent client uTorrent is soon going to offer a premium version of their popular utorrent client with loads of new features.  Some of these features will include ability to find, get and play content anywhere, anytime on any device without worrying about the codes or conversion of one format into another. We [...]

Multi Commander: Replace Windows Explorer with multi-tabbed file manager


Even though most Windows users are satisfied with standard Windows explorer which comes with Windows Operating System, there are a section of users who need a better File Management utility than the standard Windows Explorer. Multi Commander is  one such replacement for your Windows Explorer with multi-tab feature and efficient dual-panel layout. Multi Commander used [...]

Does Google owns the content you post on Google+?


It is only two weeks since Google+ is launched and it is taking the web by storm. As the service grows and more people start using it, Privacy concerns if any need to be addressed by Google. We will talk a bit about one of the terms of service for Google Services and products which [...]

Hotmail lets you report if your friends account is compromised


Have you ever received a email from your friend asking for some urgent help in the form of money as he got trapped somewhere or in some situation? The email later turns out to be a Spam or phishing email as your friend account may have got compromised. We all know that getting a account [...]

Mozilla BrowserID: Better way to sign in to websites


Most of you must have forgot about OpenID which wanted to revolutnise the way we used to sign in to websites. But unfortunately it failed. Looks like Mozilla wants to give another try to a similar concept . Mozilla released BrowserID today which they call it as a better way to sign in to various [...]