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Facebook introduces Promoted Page Posts


If you are a Facebook Page owner or admin and ready to spend some money to promote your posts, then here is some good news for You. Facebook has introduced a new feature called "Promote Posts" which lets you  reach more people who like your Page along with their friends. If you want to promote a [...]


Hard disk is an important component of a PC and you should monitor it for the health of the drive, any performance degradation and  warnings of impending failure. If you can get a proper notification about any issues of hard disk, the life span of hard disk can be greatly improved. Hard Disk Sentinel ,  a PC utility monitors and [...]


One of our favorite browsers Mozilla Firefox is out with a new version. Final version of Firefox 13 is available for download now  for the public. Firefox 13 comes with revamped Home and Tab pages along with some great speed improvements like SPDY protocol is now enabled by default which leads to faster browsing on supported sites. [...]


Just yesterday Windows 8 Preview was released by Microsoft and is considered to be the last official release before the Release to Manufacturing RTM edition of Windows 8. So, you can call it Windows 8 Release candidate RC version too. Before this release, two more versions of Windows 8 were released by Microsoft namely Windows [...]


As expected, Microsoft has released the Windows 8 Preview edition  and is available for download. It is the second Windows 8 release after the initial Windows 8 Developer Preview edition in September last year and after that Windows 8 Consumer edition this February. This new release comes in 14 languages and comes with Internet Explorer 10, new [...]