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PDF (Portable Document Format) files are the most widely used all over the world. Some of the reasons that PDF files are used widely include the compactness, the security like blocking access to printing or editing and still being accessible with a free PDF reader like Acrobat reader.  These features often though need to be [...]


I've just bought Samsung Omnia with Windows Phone 7.5 , mango. While the phone itself is great and supports a whole lot of features, I was a tad disappointed when I opened the Maps app , only to see a single button of "Me" , which tracks your location. I went to the windows phone site [...]


If you work in a office and need to deal with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, RTF, Text, HTML, XML, DOCX files for your day today work, then you must have got into a situation when you need to compare a file to the original version of the file to keep track of the changes that may [...]


It was just yesterday when more than 6.5 million passwords of Linkedin got hacked and then posted on a Russian website. Even though the passwords were encrypted, more than 300,000 passwords are said to have been already decrypted. Now we are hearing another leak from a popular online service. Last.fm which lets you listen to free music with internet radio has [...]


Many of you may already have heard this news about a security breach at Linkedin as some hackers were able to breach Linkedin password database and able to get access to 6.5 million encrypted passwords and then hackers posted hashes of these passwords claiming them to be from LinkedIn's database on a Russian site as reported by Norweigan [...]