Linkman:complete bookmark manager [Review + Giveaway]


If you are one of those users who browse the web too much and hence had to keep track of loads of webpages in one form or another by using some form of Bookmarks, Linkman is a great tool for you. Linkman is basically short form of Link Manager which can manage loads of bookmarks, [...]

Watch any 2D Video, Movie in 3D with 3D Video Player, Converter [Giveaway]


These days we keep hearing about 3D movies coming in theaters, even 3D TVs coming out from different manufacturers. As many of you know, we need a pair of Anaglyph (red-cyan) 3D glasses to view the 3D content either in the theater or even on a 3D TV. Usually, any 2D video even if viewed [...]

Sandboxie: Install, run programs in a virtual sandbox environment [Review+ Giveaway]


Just few days back we covered Returnil System Safe which provides a Sandbox kind of protection to your system including anti-virus capabilities. Today we will talk about Sandboxie which lets you install and run programs in a virtual sandbox environment by isolating them from the real computer and hence preventing them from making permanent changes [...]

Returnil System safe 2011: Antivirus, Antimalware, System Restore and a virtual system [Review+ Giveaway]


Till now we have always covered Antivirus and security solutions which work on the concept of catching viruses before they infect your system or removing them if the system is already infected by using a vast database of  virus definitions or community Cloud data. Today we will talk about a different approach to secure your [...]

Zoom Player Home MAX Review and Giveaway


This review is done by our Forum member Corker. Thanks to him for putting up this great review. Greetings, Avinashtech Readers! Today we have another giveaway for you. 5 licenses for Zoom Player Home MAX are on the table for five lucky people to bring them home. But let's not rush in, shall we? Spare [...]

HitmanPro, On-Demand Multi-Antivirus Cloud Scanner [Giveaway]


Every computer user know that an antivirus is compulsory to secure Windows. But, there is no guarantee that it'll detect all malware. There are chances that your antivirus may fail to detect few malware, despite being updated regularly. This is where on-demand scanners will help you. There are many well known on-demand antivirus softwares and [...]

Create Professional PDF Documents with novaPDF Professional [Giveaway]


Usually, when we shop or book tickets online, receipts are generated immediately with an option to print them. But, what if, the printer doesn't work at that moment, or printer runs out of ink etc. In such cases we can't print the receipts, that means, we don't have any proof that we bought the product and we [...]

Sticky Password PRO – Review and license key Giveaway


If you are looking for a password manager that can generate secure passwords, works with many browsers, and comes in a portable version? Look no further, for Sticky Password can do that and more. Encyrpted Database: Sticky Password stores all your information in an encrypted database locked with your Master Password. If you forget the [...]