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Google has updated its Chrome browser to version 23 which brings some new features in addition to usual bug fixes. The notable features that come with this new chrome release include extended battery life for Windows users and Do not track feature. Google claims to have 25% longer battery life  with the latest chrome update update [...]

MS Surface

If you plan to buy one of the Microsoft Surface Tablets released recently on 26th October, here is something that you must be aware of before making the final decision of buying either the 32GB Model or 64GB model. Full storage capacity of Surface is not available for the user to store their music, photos, videos or any [...]

Nokia Lumia 510

Nokia today announced Nokia Lumia 510 in India, the cheapest in Lumia series. Lumia 510 will be priced at a price band of less than Rs 11,000 INR (~$205) which is a high demand segment in price sensitive Indian Mobile market. Indian smart-phone market is too price sensitive and looks like Nokia has broken the [...]

Best Board Games for Android

Your Android phone will definitely bring back your childhood memories of playing board games. Even though we now have left the childhood times far away, it definitely doesn’t imply we can’t have a round of Tic Tac toe or ladders or even snakes. We loved every board game; from a game of solitaire on the [...]


Firefox 16 was released just a day ago by Mozilla and was available for download from the Mozilla Public Servers. But today Mozilla pulled out Firefox 16 from their servers after a Security Vulnerability was discovered in Firefox 16. They are working on a fix and plan to ship updates tomorrow. At the moment, Firefox 16 is temporarily [...]