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iOS 6.1.3 update

Apple has released an upate to its iOS which fixes the  lock-screen security flaw that could allow someone to bypass the passcode at the  lock-screen and access the Phone app. In addition to the security flaw fix, this update also brings Improvements to Maps in Japan along with some other improvements and bug fixes. The lock screen [...]

chrome crash fix on iPad, iPhone

I am having a iPad 2 with iOS 6.1.2 installed on it and is being Jailbreaked using the Evasi0n Jailbreaking tool. For last few days, I was facing a strange issue with the Google Chrome browser. Google Chrome was crashing in just few seconds after opening it on the iPad. I tried deleting the app [...]


Almost every big service on the web is getting hit by hackers who are trying to hack into popular web services. Some of the major services that got hit recently include big organizations, including Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Oracle (with their Java platform). Today, it is turn of Evernote to report a similar security breach. [...]

Format USB drive to NTFS

Most of us use USB drives for transferring files and media from one System to other. By default, USB drives are formatted with FAT32 File system, but FAT32 file system do not support files larger than 4GB. Hence you need NTFS file system which comes with better features like support for larger file sizes, encryption, [...]

Flyte Anniversary free albums

If you love music and reside in India, you must have heard of Flipkart Flyte service (Provided you buy Music legally). Flipkart’s Flyte Music Store is a iTunes kind of music store in India and can be considered largest legal online music store in India letting you access legal music of superior quality at great prices. The [...]