How to enable Yahoo mail apps and other new Features


Many of you may have heard that yahoo mail is being upgraded and recently it added a great new feature called Yahoo Apps which lets you combine different functionality like Flicker, Paypal and many more right into your Yahoo mail. Many users havent seen them being available in their yahoo mail account by its own. [...]

Download Fix-It Utilities 7 Express for FREE!


Before i start writing, just want to convey the reason for less posts by me here these days. My system motherboard needs to be replaced for my system to start working again. That is making it difficult to write posts regularly as i used to do it before. Hope that gets fixed soon. Till then [...]

Make firefox Faster in a single click with Fasterfox lite


Few days back , i wrote about 10 ultimate ways to make Firefox perform blazing fast. That post involved tweaking of settings to be done by editing the advance settings configuration page of Firefox. The process can be very difficult for many novice users and those who doesnt want to play with deep settings of [...]

10 ultimate ways to make Firefox perform blazing fast


From my blog statistics, i know that most of my blog readers use Firefox to access my blog. Firefox is improving day by day and people all around the web are switching to it leaving IE and Microsoft. With some great features in its fold, Firefox rules. Still there's lot to be done. Today we [...]

Surf anonymously without proxy with OperaTor


Many of you don't give a damn about security and privacy when its related to Internet stuff. The reasons behind this thinking varies from being ignorant of the consequences to some personal choices or laziness. But for many of you including me , security and privacy matters a lot when its online and easily accessible [...]

70+ toolbar, apps (Badware) installed silently with Programs


Some of you would remember I wrote a similar article few months back. This article is in continuation of that with a bigger and updated list. Most of you are so lazy or ignorant  enough not to click the custom option of installation of any application on your PC.  This small laziness results in installation [...]

Windows 7 Enterprise 90 Day Evaluation Now Available


Here comes something which is new at least from Microsoft side. A 90 days trial version is being  made available for the Enterprise version of Windows 7 by Microsoft. As per Microsoft, this version is intended for those people who do not yet have access to Windows 7 RTM  through any of the means stated [...]

Gizmo Drive: Alternative of Daemon tools: Best Free CD / DVD Emulation Software


I have been a big fan of Daemon tools for their capability to mount any kind of image files in a simple way. But it seems Daemon tools are on a different path. Right now, i am unable to find the free lite version which was used to be there few months back. That made [...]