Download Iolo Anti-Virus Full version genuine license for 1 year


Iolo is being more known for its System Mechanic product range than this antivirus. They are offering a antivirus product which you can for free for 1 year with a promo for next few days. Although the product still needs to do lot of work to come close to leading antivirus products like kaspersky, ESET [...]

Speed up system startup and search system for spyware with RunAlyzer


The tool about which i will be talking is not for novice users. Its for those users who are atleast a bit comfortable with basic Registry settings and can identify the basic programs associated with windows operating system so that he or she can identify malacious or unneccessary programs and eliminate them from startups. RunAlyzer [...]

How to use Credit cards on shared/public computer or cyber cafe


Many users across India use a public computers at Cyber cafe or any other public place to access internet. Even people across the world use a public or shared system to access the internet. Many times you need to use your credit or debit card for some online transaction like making a payment or booking [...]

Download Microsoft Security Essentials for Free


Microsoft released its final version of its own security suite helping you secure your system from viruses, malware, trojans , spyware and other malacious software etc. The security suite is known as Microsoft Security Essentials. It provides realtime protection. Microsoft Security Essentials provides real-time protection for your home PC that guards against viruses, spyware, and [...]

Download USB Safely Remove lifetime license for FREE again


Few days back, i talked about how to Download USB Safely Remove lifetime license for FREE worth $20. it seems the offer is back again. The software developer vendor is offering 10,000 free license again. Although this offer is not available in all countries , still everyone can get it using any working US proxy. [...]

Reason I was offline for two weeks

For last two weeks, i was too busy with my personal stuff and here's the reason i was offline for these two weeks. I am a Dad now :). I am blessed with a baby gal. It would still take a week before i am back to blogging fully , till then bear with me.

No new post for next 7-10 days

Just to inform you guys, i am getting offline for at least a week or 10 days due to some personal stuff. That means i wont be posting anything new till i am back. So until i come back, you can still contribute or ask something in Forums. Till i am back, bear with me. [...]

Stop Windows from Rebooting After Automatic Updates


One of the problems associated with Windows operating system is that it need constant updates due to new patches and security updates being released almost ever weak due to one or the other vulnerability found in it. That leads to most of guys opting for Automatic updates which installs updates whenever its available. But with [...]