Chrome says Google Security certificate is revoked [solved]


I am running Ubuntu 9 as Virtual machine on my home system. Few days back, i installed google Chrome browser on Ubuntu 9. The browser is running great and faster too. But today I experienced something unexpected. When i tried to open adsense in Chrome, it blocked the page saying "The server's security certificate is [...]

List of TOP 10+ Bogus & Rough Antiviruses you should stay away


Today, I will talk about something different. Normally I have talked about antivirus, antispywares, anti-adwares or ways to get rid of these malicious stuff. Today i will talk about some of the worst Rough Antiviruses (the term which is used for these kind of spywares or adwares) from which you should stay away from. First [...]

Hide Facebook Friends list from Public view


Few days back i wrote about how Facebook changed privacy settings on its own. There was so much fury by the users over the new public availability of friends to the public view with new settings and no way you can change it. It seems that Facebook backtracked once again as it happened last year [...]

Grab Dreamhost 1 Year Shared hosting package just for $9.24


As many of you know, this blog Avinashtech is hosted on Dreamhost private server. I have talked about them many times and why they are a great webhosting company. I wont be talking about that again. Right now, they are offering a whopping discount of $110 on their annual shared hosting package. You can get [...]

Download “First Look: Microsoft Office 2010” digital e-book in PDF


It seems Microsoft has started to promote its Office 2010 much before its final release. Few days back, they released the public Beta of Office 2010. Now , its another freebie though not big as Microsoft office 2010 Beta. Microsoft Press is offering "First Look: Microsoft Office 2010", a digital e-book in PDF format by [...]

Speed up Web browsing by finding the fastest DNS servers


Before I start talking about how to speed up Web browsing by finding the fastest DNS servers, let me first talk about what actually a DNS server is and how it affect your browsing experience and its speed. DNS which is short form of Domain Name System is a technology which manages  names of Web [...]

Check Gmail activity log to prevent your Account being hacked


How often you are worried about security of your email account? Or how often have you tried to find out if someone else has used your account? or someone else is logged into your email account at the same time i.e. concurrent sessions? Or you are not at all worried about your account and consider [...]

Grab SoftMaker Office 2008 (Microsoft office replacement) for Free


Most of you must be using Microsoft office for day to day work either at office or at home. Even though Microsoft office is a full fledged office suite providing you with tons of features and options, you may have noted that most of the features are not used by common users. Most of you [...]