Rainlender: Customisable Calender with events and tasks on Desktop


Today we will talk about a small but great Calender utility that comes with a inbuilt events and tasks manager which lets you organise your events, tasks and to do lists easily right on your desktop. Developers Description Rainlendar is a customizable calendar that displays the current month. It is a very lightweight application that [...]

How to Install AIR & TweetDeck in Linux [Ubuntu]


How many of you use tweetdeck and Ubuntu both? Even though the answer may be very low which includes me, its difficult to install Tweetdeck on Ubuntu. I tried installing it but was not able to do that easily. Thanks to Tweetdeck support and their help article about this topic, I was able to install [...]

Control basic personal information you share on Facebook


Most of the Facebook users are least concerned about privacy issues, some due to being ignorant of the consequences and some due to the complexity of privacy settings in it which makes it difficult to change privacy settings at one place. Every Facebook user must change each privacy setting depending on his own level of [...]

Enable Gmail Desktop popup notifications for chat and email


We love Gmail for the way it keeps innovating and comes up with new features often. Here is another new feature which most of Gmail users will love. Google's Gmail has just launched HTML5 desktop notifications which display pop-ups whenever a chat message or new email arrives. You can turn them on by changing Settings [...]

How to resolve Error (0x80071A91)

Two days ago when I was trying to create a Restore Point manually, my windows 7 PC welcomed me with the following error message. “Transaction support within the specified file system resource manager is not started or was shutdown due to an error. (0x80071A91)” Since my pc is always used to be in top condition [...]