Download “First Look: Microsoft Office 2010” digital e-book in PDF


It seems Microsoft has started to promote its Office 2010 much before its final release. Few days back, they released the public Beta of Office 2010. Now , its another freebie though not big as Microsoft office 2010 Beta. Microsoft Press is offering "First Look: Microsoft Office 2010", a digital e-book in PDF format by [...]

Speed up Web browsing by finding the fastest DNS servers


Before I start talking about how to speed up Web browsing by finding the fastest DNS servers, let me first talk about what actually a DNS server is and how it affect your browsing experience and its speed. DNS which is short form of Domain Name System is a technology which manages  names of Web [...]

Check Gmail activity log to prevent your Account being hacked


How often you are worried about security of your email account? Or how often have you tried to find out if someone else has used your account? or someone else is logged into your email account at the same time i.e. concurrent sessions? Or you are not at all worried about your account and consider [...]

Grab SoftMaker Office 2008 (Microsoft office replacement) for Free


Most of you must be using Microsoft office for day to day work either at office or at home. Even though Microsoft office is a full fledged office suite providing you with tons of features and options, you may have noted that most of the features are not used by common users. Most of you [...]

Search and merge all duplicate Gmail contacts with One button


In your email account how many contacts you have in your address book? Atleast few hundreds? or just less than hundred? Out of these contacts how many duplicate contacts you have in your address book or your contacts list? For most of us, merging duplicate contacts is a tough job to do as the number [...]

How to add Music to your Facebook status!


How many of you use Facebook? And what about music? How many of you love music? What about combination of both Facebook and Music ? For those of you who love to listen to music and use facebook, here's something that you would love. Now you can add Music to your Facebook status! using Jamendo [...]

Pictomio: Create slideshows or carousel-style views of your photos

If you love to click pictures every now and then, you would love this utility called Pictomio which lets you Create slide-shows or carousel-style views of your photos just like on Mac OS X Leopard. Its one of the best slide-shows or carousel-style view creator and that too for free without any price tag. Apart [...]

Fix Yahoo messenger “stop working” error and exiting in Windows 7


Few weeks back i wrote about 10 reasons not to upgrade to Windows 7. That article led to some good comments both in favor and against windows 7. One of the reasons as i said in that article too for not upgrading to Windows 7 is the compatibility issues with different applications. So why i [...]