NeXuS dock : Don’t click that Start menu again!


Is double clicking a double work for you because your mouse doesn't work properly? Or do you find it difficult to start application from desktop since your desktop is full of shortcuts?Or you need something flashy dock like Mac on your desktop? If you are facing such problems then today you will find a solution [...]

Avinashtech Completes One year! Happy Birthday


Today is a special day for Avinashtech. Last year, on same day it was born and went live over the net. It all started with a casual blogging by me over computers and softwares which got converted into this blog soon. Even though, i am a design engineer by profession with a specialisation in mechanical [...]

Stop cut, paste, copy, delete, re-naming of files & folders

How often you leave your computer unattended and scared of someone copying your data or messing up with your system by deleting, renaming files and folders or ending processes running on system? There is a small utility which can help you avoid all this. I have talked about  a similar utility M File Anti-Copy few [...]

Organize your cluttered Desktop with Fences


Most of you who work on computers either at home or Work, are faced with desktop clutter one time or the other. Every few days, our Computer desktop is full of files and folders which are not organized and cluttered. Even if we clean it, then also the same state of cluttered desktop returns after [...]

Delete Locked files, folders and unlock locked processes

If you are windows user, you must have faced problems like you cannot delete files or folder as it is being used by some other process. Or you cannot delete something as access is denied.Some of these problems can be depicted by following : Cannot delete file: Access is denied There has been a sharing [...]

Use Google Public DNS to browse web faster


It seems Google is coming in every aspect of web and internet. Google has introduced Google Public DNS which lets you browse web much faster providing you more security. It helps you prevent from various DNS spoofing attacks and much more. You can read more about the security stuff here. Google Public DNS is a [...]

How to add Adsense Ad details for Revenue sharing on Avinashtech


For those of you who would like to write for Avinashtech and participate in Revenue sharing to earn some money using adsense need to configure their adsense code with parameters that match the Avinashtech Code. Its simple and easy to do with no complications. CONFIGURE ADSENSE FOR AVINASHTECH Just login to your Adsense account and [...]

Join Avinashtech: 100% Revenue Sharing


From Today onwards, Avinashtech is changing to 100% Revenue Sharing Blog. Avinashtech invites Guest Author and Writers who are willing to participate in our revenue sharing program providing you with exposure plus 100% Adsense generated money from that post. WHY WRITE FOR AVINASHTECH Avinashtech is a popular tech blog dealing with Computers, Software, Internet, Windows,  [...]