Evernote resets passwords for all users: Security breach

Almost every big service on the web is getting hit by hackers who are trying to hack into popular web services. Some of the major services that got hit recently include big organizations, including Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Oracle (with their Java platform). Today, it is turn of Evernote to report a similar security breach. … Read more

Download 100 music albums a day for Free across 10 genres till Feb 28

If you love music and reside in India, you must have heard of Flipkart Flyte service (Provided you buy Music legally). Flipkart’s Flyte Music Store is a iTunes kind of music store in India and can be considered largest legal online music store in India letting you access legal music of superior quality at great prices. The … Read more

How to change or spoof MAC address on Windows, Mac OS X

MAC Address Changer

If you consider yourself a bit of geek then you must have heard of Media Access Control (MAC) address, often known as Ethernet hardware address (EHA), hardware address or physical address of the system. These MAC addresses are inbuilt and stored in network interface card (NIC) read-only memory of the card, or some other firmware mechanism.

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Get ready to delete your Instagram account

If you love to click pictures and share it over the web with your friends, family using the popular photo sharing social network service Instagram, then be ready to delete your Instagram account soon. This comes in the wake of drastic changes in Instagram privacy policy and terms of service announced here on their blog.

InstagramSome of us expected something like this after Instagram was aquired by Facebook which has a very bad reputation when it comes to users privacy. In simple terms, with these changes Instgram now has the right to sell users’ photos without any payment or even get notified about the use.

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