Eye Catching Features of the New iPhone 5

Ever since three computer geeks, Steve jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, produced the first Apple I personal computer kit, which was little more than a motherboard with a CPU, RAM and textual video chips, the Apple brand has been constantly innovating and pushing the frontiers of Technology, with the creation of several seminal devices like the apple TV, iPhone, iPad and iPod.

The newest version of the wildly popular iPhone, the iPhone 5 running on iOS technology, is another step in the smart phone industry, of which apple already holds the largest share, and feature several innovations that have been eagerly awaited since 2010. However, though welcome, some say that the new iPhone features nothing path breaking, and is a disappointment when the market is flooded with rival smart phones running on android technology.

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iPhone 5 Benchmark tests beats Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone 4S

There is lot of hue and cry going on about the hardware specs of iPhone 5 of not being up to the expectations. All the hue and cry was based on the plain hardware specifications instead of being based on any Benchmark tests. Samsung was even quick to put out a print Ad mocking the iPhone 5 by comparing some plain specifications of iPhone 5 with its flagship product Samsung Galaxy S III. Checkout the Samsung print Ad below.

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iPhone 5 appears on ebay.in listings starting at Rs 76,000+

If you are an Apple iPhone Fan and want to grab iPhone 5 much before its official launch, then here is some good news for you. iPhone 5 is appearing in ebay.in sellers listings and is available for pre-order, obviously at a huge premium even though we are far away from official launch of iPhone … Read more