Secure your IPhone after Jailbreaking or get hacked

IPhones from Apple are associated with so much hype everytime something new comes about it either from Apple itself or someone else. JAILBREAKING the IPhone is one of those associated activity hyped publically over the web and other media.

Everytime a new IPhone or its Firmware upgrade comes, JAILBREAKING of that comes along with it.Most of guys who try Jailbreaking their IPhone, do it to get rid of the limitations imposed by Apple on Iphone and to let them install or use whatever they want on their IPhone.


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Sync Yahoo Calendar with Your iPhone now

If you are a IPhone user along with a user of Yahoo Calender, then there is some good news for you. Yahoo Calendar Now Syncs with Your iPhone, which will be great for many of you guys who use yahoo claender and IPhone both.

yahoo_iphone_calendar1Apple and Yahoo! have collaborated to bring you the ability to sync your Yahoo! Calendar with your iPhone Calendar. We’re using an open standard (CalDAV) that has been developed by the CalConnect group, which Yahoo! and Apple are members.

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Download Floola 5.0 and throw Itunes in Dustbin

I have already written about Floola being an excellant replacement of Itunes along with google calender support few months back. I wont be talking much about the features and why you should use it. You can just read my previous post about floola.

You can read the following posts if you want more details.

  1. Floola : Itunes Replacement now supports Google Calendars
  2. Floola – Excellent Itunes Replacement


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Yahoo messenger for Mac 3.0 Beta 4 now available

– Added clearer messaging when receiving anonymous messages from your Pingbox (screenshot) – Added a preference to separately enable/disable archiving for chat room conversations. Chat Room Archiving box (screenshot) – When you report an IM as spam, it also adds the sender to your ignore list (screenshot) – To cancel automatic sign in when youre launching Yahoo!

Floola : Itunes Replacement now supports Google Calendars

It’s a standalone application that can be run directly from your iPod and needs no installation under Linux (any GTK2 distro), Mac OS X (10.3.9 or newer!) and Windows (98 or newer, including Vista)..It doesn’t require any installation and can be run just by running its executable file.